Hello ,my name is Anders ,  I am 45 years old and reside in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am self-taught in Web Design, which I have been interested in for a few years now. Since I started The Divine Magazine in 2015, I have been busy getting that project off the ground and running smoothly. I now have some help with the Magazine and find I want to get more involved in the Webpage designing.

One of the Authors, Ann Lister, who I was friends on Facebook with, contacted me and said she would like to have a more professional looking Author website. We started talking about her vision for her website, the colors she was attracted to. This gave me a foundation to work with.  So, with information gathering, planning. Design developing, testing, I had her new website up and running within 2 weeks.

This was the start of my career in Web designing. I am passionate about the work I do, I love the initial planning out with the client, information gathering and then putting their vision to a design that they are happy with.  I do not stop there, I, continue with maintenance, as the client may need to add or subtract from their site.

I am a perfectionist in everything I set my mind to do. I love working in this field and would offer you the very best service. My rates, I believe are affordable.






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